Making and Doing

Working cosmologies together and separately

4S/EASST Prague 2020

TopEndSTS is a collective of practitioners working in northern Australia. Our research is carried out under the authority of Indigenous elders and struggles towards research that works ‘in-place’. 

We invite participants to journey through instances of our collective work, and participate in the Making and Doing of an inquiry into ‘working conceptual multiplicity’. 

This inquiry has arisen as we find ourselves needing to find ways to work which make sense amidst the groups we work with and for, and which allows this collaborative work to travel, to make a difference, to intervene…

Join us in these explorations as you thread through the displays below. 


Under weight of a colonial past steeped in derogatory, patronising, negative and often inaccurate representations of Aboriginal people, is it possible to represent Indigenous Australians without epistemic violence?


Evaluating ongoing learning and improvement in multiple worlds


Learning an Indigenous language involves doing identity work


The mobility of language invested in particular space-and-time of Indigenous northern Australia


Credentialing Yolngu researchers in the modern academy and in Djalkiri (Yolngu foundations)


Generating legible evidence, by conceptualising evidence as multiple, in Ngukurr


Working cosmologies together and separately

“More than one, less than many”: Making and doing conceptual multiplicity as STS work.